All blogs need an about me

It’s always bothered me that resumes and LinkedIn tend to have a career look like one neat step after another when I think that’s rarely the case. Sometimes the story arc of ones career doesn’t show itself until you zoom out and look at it from the vantage point of the future.

I started my career full on passion for the craft of software engineering. Loved every bit of making software, the designs, the languages, the patterns, even some of the arguments of minutia (tabs vs spaces) I enjoyed.

Some point though software for me became a tool. What it was doing and unlocking was more interesting than the building of the software itself. Don’t get me wrong I still cared about making well engineered software and still enjoyed the process of writing it, it just was no longer the most important thing. This lead me to the world of business and data.

The world of business and data is where I leveraged my skills with software engineering to learn about all aspect of what makes business and companies function. Sales, marketing, customer success, executive leadership, all used the same data in different ways to do impact their areas of the business. This was also where I did my own transition into management.

Which leads me to now, where it’s still too early to say where exactly this chapter of my career goes, however my passions now lie in making an impact broader than just one company’s bottom line.

And now for the obligatory disclaimer: the thoughts and ideas on this blog are mine and do not reflect those of my present and past employers.